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Lomo Memories: India & Bulgaria

Posted in Bulgaria, India by talikas on December 21, 2010

Estonian Kalev Marzipan Chicken Go Global!

Posted in Bulgaria, India by talikas on September 14, 2010

Yes, you see correctly. These people are holding in their hands the Estonian Kalev Marzipan figures. When going on the  Indian trip we thought for a long time what to bring as presents to our friends, to fellow travellers, Couchsurfers and other nice people we meet on the way. It was actually my Dad’d idea to get a decent supply of the Estonian Easter-themed marzipan figures. The idea was great because marzipan did not melt in our backpacks (like chocolate would have done!) and it also made all our new friends very happy (as you can see on the photos). They were also rather surprised to receive such an (unconventional) gift and most of them had not heard of marzipan before.

On the first photo are 4 young architecture students we met in Kottayam. We became such good friends that we were invited to their house and were guests at their crazy graduation party (yes, with beautiful dresses and Bollywood dances,  and yes, with heaps of curry). Second photo is of our Bulgarian friend in Sofia and the on the third is our very very very hospitable Mumbai host.

4 x Good Food

Posted in Bulgaria, India, Turkey by talikas on September 12, 2010

Volcanic ash breakfast in Istanbul, Turkey. Loving the cheese, olives and the very tasty red paste.

Eating with hands (how else?) the delicious breakfast in Allepy, India with local workers.

The fanciest lunch of the trip served on a banana leaf on a rocking house boat somewhere in the Kerala canals.

Ad hoc picnic in Sofia, Bulgaria. After the culture festival and before getting to know the local night life.