Wicked Winterfrost

Forgive me Tim Ferriss for I Have Sinned: 4HB Diet Impossible in Brussels

Posted in Belgium by talikas on May 20, 2011

Aeglaste süsivesikute dieedi vaimne isa Tim Ferriss jääks Brüsselis küll hätta, sest need pagana croissandid ja vahvlid ja juustud ja friikartulid ja õlled ajavad ka kõige pühendunuma süsivesikute-vabalt-toituja muserdavasse ärevusse. Pildil minu uus Belgia hommikusöögi lemmik-kombinatsioon: croissant kitsejuustu ja speculoos-i küpsiste pastaga. Aggghhhh kui hea. Njämm.

Brussel Cityscapes

Posted in Belgium by talikas on May 19, 2011

Ups & Downs & Rosmarine: Italian Food in Brussels

Posted in Belgium by talikas on May 18, 2011

What an excellent Italian restaurant with so many stories to tell…

Sale Pepe & Rosmarino / Rue Berckmans 98, Brussels 1060, Belgium / +322.538.90.63

I Fell in Love in Brussels. In the Pantone Hotel…

Posted in Belgium by talikas on May 16, 2011

Hotel Pantone surprised me with wonderful rooms, beautiful colors and an amazing view over the whole city… and, oh, yes, with free wireless! Should have stayed until the Brussels Gay Parade…

Some Things Never Change: Belgians Love Vana Tallinn (and Some Like Bloody Red Wine Mary)

Posted in Belgium, Estonia by talikas on May 1, 2011

Pierre muide kolib juulis kaheks aastaks kuhugi maailma riiki, mida ta veel ei tea, aga mis asub väljaspoolt Euroopa Liitu ning on arengumaa. Põnevad ajad :)

Landing in Brussels: Airport Like a Christmas Tree

Posted in Belgium by talikas on February 3, 2011

Muide, samas lennukis Sandraga :)

Belgium: Brussels: Leica

Posted in Belgium by talikas on November 20, 2010

I have no pictures from the 6 days spent in Belgium. Instead, I have an obsessive thought of buying myself a little cute Leica. Experiences with Leicas, anyone?

Belgium Proverb (After 6 Days in Brussels)

Posted in Belgium by talikas on November 22, 2009

Brussels and Vana Tallinn belong together like Rompuy and Ashton.

Brussels Feels Like Home

Posted in Belgium by talikas on October 29, 2009

Meanwhile, I managed to go to Brussels for a few days, where I was dazzled by two things:

1) By boss works even when she’s sleeping which seriously challenges my otherwise rather strong feeling of solidarity.

2) The bathroom of my hotel room was as big as my friend’s and my former room in Paris many many years ago. Which made my rather nostalgic and I would hereby like to send cider-and-cheese-tasting regards to Artur, Evelyn, Kristi, Hendrik, Tim and maybe others whom I can not remember, who all, at one point, helped us to put each one of the 12 m2 of the room into good use. My favourite memory goes back to one spring, when all the available floor space was covered by sleeping bodies and we still had to accommodate Hendrik… Who finally enjoyed his sleep on the very tiny balcony. Good old times.

Perfect Breakfast

Posted in Belgium by talikas on March 31, 2009

perfect breakfast

My favourite part of the day. Especially with enough time, sunshine and good company. Remember this, Laurent?