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Yerevan Brandy Factory: Tasting the 20-Year-Old Ararat Bouquet

Posted in Armenia by talikas on December 12, 2010

Armenia showed me the way to the world famous Yerevan Brandy Factory where we were explained about the history and traditions connected to the Ararat cognac/brandy. Apparently, in the Caucasus region, Russia, Ukraine and a few other places, the factory is allowed to call its products “cognac” whereas everywhere else it has to be called “brandy”. This is because in order to deserve the title of a cognac the drink has to have certain qualities (e.g. has it be made of only a limited list of grapes – growing in France) and follow a specified preparation chain. Evidently, Armenians drink cognac, not brandy, and are proud to have a huge amount of traditions connected to the beverage.

For example, the Armenians say that there are little devils sitting on the glass and each time we clink our glasses the devils disappear. But when we get drunk, it is because the little devils fall into the drink.

Estonian former president Arnold Rüütel has signed one barrel!

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  1. isa said, on December 14, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Tõenäoliselt oli tal mõttes Lennu-taadu gloobusemärgistamise trikk

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