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Shaking Hand with the President

Posted in Estonia by talikas on December 5, 2010

Photo by Toomas Volmer

This is what’s great about living in a small country like Estonia. Everybody has the chance to shake hands with Mr President at least once in his/her lifetime. The reception at the President’s residence was nice and warm and his speech filled with Aavik’s “new” words.  It is great that some of the “winning words” like “taristu” are already being used in media and some of the words offered are so funny that they can make your day (e.g. “euronöör” for “directive”).

Of course it is important for media to follow the event and start using the new words but at some point during the reception I felt kind of lost: there were as many journalists and cameramen in the room as there were guests. I could hardy see the President giving the speech and totally missed out on Chalice singing about his bad luck with women because some tall guy with a microphone was blocking my view.