Wicked Winterfrost

Iceland Flashback: The End of the Bridge

Posted in Iceland by talikas on November 30, 2010

It Is Nice And Warm in Here – Why Are You Outside?

Posted in Estonia by talikas on November 29, 2010

That cat and I spent about 1.5 hours watching eachother.

Winter Sunshine: Almost as Blue as the Carribean?

Posted in Estonia by talikas on November 28, 2010

Fashion Industry & Louis Vuitton – My Suitcase is the Red One

Posted in USA by talikas on November 23, 2010

On 4th of July I got accidentally stuck for three hours in the JFK airport (4th of July fireworks & a bomb threat!) with a fashion guru. He has two cats: Coco & Chanel.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Mr President Likes My Linguistic Imagination

Posted in Estonia by talikas on November 21, 2010

Austatud sõnausel osaleja!

Mul on hea meel Teile teatada, et Teie poolt sõnavõistlusele välja pakutud uudissõna leidis äramärkimise.

Lähipäevadel jõuab Teie postkasti Vabariigi Presidendi kutse sõnause pidulikule lõpetamisele. Igaks juhuks saadame kutse teksti Teile ka elektrooniliselt:

“Vabariigi Presidendil on au paluda Teid sõnause pidulikule lõpetamisele Kadriorgu. /…/”


In short: Estonian President has invited me (among many others, to be sure) for an event in his residence to celebrate enthusiastic linguists’ efforts to end the endless anglification and come up with new Estonian words.

Belgium: Brussels: Leica

Posted in Belgium by talikas on November 20, 2010

I have no pictures from the 6 days spent in Belgium. Instead, I have an obsessive thought of buying myself a little cute Leica. Experiences with Leicas, anyone?

Gilgamesh London With Rosie & Shura

Posted in UK by talikas on November 17, 2010

London -> Guanabara

Posted in UK by talikas on November 16, 2010

Bday Sunshine

Posted in Estonia by talikas on November 15, 2010

Frilled Feta aka I Love Food aka the Night We Ended Up Sleeping in a Castle with the Former Royal Air Force Technician

Posted in Greece by talikas on November 12, 2010