Wicked Winterfrost

Oh So Happy & Oh So Dead: Party, No Sleep and Indian Trains

Posted in India by talikas on June 1, 2010

These two pics describe probably the most awesome 24 hours in India when we managed to explore the poorest Mumbai slums, travel with the crazy Indian hanging-on-to-trains, meet with local IT guys who took us to all the local places, have THE craziest rickshaw drive ever (even for our local friends!), and all dirty-sweaty-smelling ending up in a local businessman’s fancy car (with AC!!) who after allowing us a quick shower took us to some of the fanciest nightclubs in town. And as a cherry on top this Indian contrast parade: after all night partying a super-boiling-hot 12-hour train ride from Mumbai to Goa. In one of the cheapest and dirtiest and most crowded wagons of course.


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