Wicked Winterfrost

Thousand Islands Is Not Enough aka Chasing Mysterious Bugs

Posted in Estonia by talikas on August 12, 2009


No, we didn’t catch any fish, although we tried. We did, however, camp on a deserted North-Estonian island, and yes, of course, we heard strange noises at night. For a second we considered the loud murmurous sound to be an undercover submarine spying on the enormous natural resources our country has to offer, but after the somewhat clumsy stumbling along the August-pitch-dark beach and an annoyingly needle-sharp pine forest, we found out that the source of the unbelievable vibration was a huge huge huge flock of mosquitoes (or some other bugs) and the idea of spending the night in sweet isolation in the middle of the sea didn’t seem so romantic any more. But… after numerous tries to make sense to this Bug-Beach-Party (with flashlights, Turovski-like smooth talk and calling my dad), the situation didn’t turn out to be like a weird insect-horror movie after all. The bugs appeared not to care about young human blood and were apparently just enjoying the Robobotaanika beat coming from the mainland. Phew.


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