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This Wineyard Seems To Be Empty?

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lake balaton

Hungarians are very proud of their various alcoholic drinks, burning chili paprika, greasy salami and little cheese cakes (pogacio?), but they are absolutely worshipping Lake Balaton. So no wonder that the beautiful blue-muddy-water lake is so packed with tourists that it is almost impossible to find a beach free of charge or a private spot on the coast for camping. But after comical clambering in marshy Hungarian reed and not less comical climbing over a few fences, impossible is nothing, and soon we were swimming free and camping with the breathtaking view on the whole Balaton from the famous Badacsony Mountain (on the photo). Visiting local wine cellars in small villages, the Tihany Peninsula, observing precious mosquitoes with nice Hungarians, loads of sunbathing and rubber-mattress-sailing — it really was a perfect vacation.

After making a tour around Balaton, we returned to Budapest and soon started cruising back to Estonia through Slovakia (Slovakian Paradise hiking!), Poland (Auschwitz and Birkenau), Lithuania (excitingly stormy Palanga camping) and Latvia (mmmmm…Karums). Long way home…

Tigers, Bears and Too Many Welcome Shots

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Oh well, honestly, we planned to drive straight home after Berlin. But somehow, once in Prague, and after the wicked nostalgic reunion with my old Voronezh school mate David (yes, he is still the same after 4 years!) and partying with Tomas, Helga, Klairi-Liis, Marka etc, we got so carried away that took the direction to Bratislava and ended up in Budapest. And of course, not just like that, but in a mysterious Kafka-apartment with Tamas, his family, two turtles and  so much Hungarian hospitality that I still feel the purple taste of plum palinka in my mouth.

Tamas wanted to show us around and prove that almost every Hungarian has a private wine cellar or at least a personal peach tree and took us to the Eger wine festival with other crazy Hungarians Andrew,  Rita, Djuri and Attila. Wine festivals are great, no doubt, but we all know what tasting 10 different wines in a row can do to us on a hot summer day, so we weren’t too surprised when Tamas kept on enigmatically babbling about “peach blossoms, Montenegro and another round of welcome shots”.  The rumour has it that the poor fellow ended up sleeping in the bushes and being violated by a local wine merchant. Next day, after sobering in the hot thermal pools of Eger, he naturally denied everything.


Yes, I Like Jumping Photos – Prague Is Becoming Venice

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After Evelyn and Egert came to meet me in the airport, we all plunged straight into the hectic (night)life of Berlin. My thoughts were still wondering somewhere in Asia, and thanks to the jetlag I must have looked like an absentminded zombie, but my body was dancing all night long in some crazy music festival, swimming in Berlin parks, eating too many dürüm kebabs, meeting old and new friends and enjoying the atmosphere of the greatest bohemian city in Europe. We, ourselves, felt quite bohemian, too, living (illegally) in a huge empty colorful artist-squat in the middle of the city (on the photo), waking up daily at 3 pm, chilling with the cool techno-music-arty crowd. Joel and Hanna, my favorite techno-DJ-circus-caravanpark-relatives, made us feel like at home and the Arne-Karin-Mou combo was great to hang out with (looking forward to the romantic dinner in restaurant Volga :P).

The week in Berlin just flew away, disappeared into the hot sunshine and dark gloomy nights, and now we are… already in Prague, getting to know the Czech pop culture (thanks, Tomas, yesterday was quite enlightening, especially the middle-aged ladies dancing to the 70es Czech pop-music and half-naked men swimming-dancing on the floor), and randomly looking at the map of Europe to decide where to go next.


Sleepless in Berlin

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32 Days & 10000 Km Later – Goodbye Asia

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Tallinn (Brussels)-Beijing 2009



Best moment

Seeing the vast Mongolian steppes and taking the first shower in UB after Gobi

A hot shower after Gobi, galloping in the steppes with Mongolian semi-wild horses

Worst moment

Just before my departure in Brussels, when I thought I would miss my plane, and my 52 mosquito bites after Ikh Bogd mountains

The end of the trip and leaving Beijing

Scariest moment

When we thought that ninjas are attacking our tent

Crossing the streets in UB, being afraid of ninjas in the tent

Weirdest moment

The really intensive Chinese massage

The Chinese massage for sure!

Funniest moment

The Artist and his comedy

Too many. Endless joking with Juliette and Tseigi in UAZ , naked Artist, Russian men obsessed with Juliette

Most ridiculous moment

In the Beijing-Berlin plane a little boy asked from Maria if she is travelling with her mother

Washing my own sheets in the tiny toilet of the UB-Beijing train. Honestly, it was just tea!

Best sound

Baby camel crying and our “Huleele” hymn

Strong wind and rain drumming outside the ger

Best food

Anything NOT SPICY (after Beijing)

Fresh fruits in Beijing, hot pot in UB and everything spicy J

Best drink

Hot water in Gobi

Gobi water, salty Mongolian milk tea

First thing to do when back at home

Eat a baguette with really old and stinky camembert

Hugs’n’kissing; try to stop thinking in French

Best night

In the tent during our first great sandstorm in Gobi

The “Lost in Translation” techno party in UB, and eating duck brains with Hannes, Juliette, Thomas

Most aching part of the body

Abdono after our crazy laughing

My knees, and my eyes after the last Gobi sandstorm

Best kiss

A Mongolian feminist girl in the toilets of a UB nightclub


Something you missed the most during your trip

French food, “Dr House”, my Russian tea

My boyfriend and Läike house-chill (feat. DJ Artur&Karl)

Most bizarre tradition

Shaking a person’s hand after accidentally touching his/her foot

Smelling small children’s genitals and doing some weird movements with hands in the air

Sexiest man & woman

“Hannes” for sure, Maria

Huntushe and Juliette

What did you discover about Juliette/Maria

I discovered everything about Maria, and I will miss her a lot. And that she has friends everywhere…

Hehehe, many things, e.g. I found out that Juliette is a true scout and a queen of camping, and that she adores Bordeaux white (not)

What did you discover about yourself?

I can not sleep without Maria anymore besides me

I can stand on my head (thanks, Artist) and I really don’t like people who talk too much

What are you going to change in your life after the trip?

No mutton!

I promise to appreciate vegetables


And finally, greetings to all the people we met during our trip. Starting from the beginning (and sorry for not remembering all the names): Irina, Natasha, weird Israel guy, Anja and her mom, Babushka, Anton and her mom, Paulina, her brother and father, Stjopa, Maksim, Oksana, James, the funny British tourist ladies, Misha, Katja, Ira, Danish vodka family, Aleksei, Sandõk, Tseigi and her mom, Birgit, Roy, Kiwa, Rick, Tseren, numerous very hospitable Mongolian families during our UAZ trip, the cute Mongolian girl on a horse wearing a tennis outfit, all the ninjas, Huntushe (Von Swan), his mom, sister, brother, nephew, Gunbilegt (G aka Deep-Wise), his grandfather, grandmother, and other relatives, Gansukh (Simba), Biggie, the flower-shirt-guy,  the-feminist-in-the-toilet-girl, the oh-damn-my-sandals-guy, the UB Krishna community, Tumro (Ironman) and his family, Beatrice, Malin, Gustav, French mec on the train, Hannes, Sigrid&kids, the merry UB officials, all the provadnitsas, Tomo and his brother, Thomas, the helpful Beijing map guy, Simon. Did I forget someone, Juliette?

Sleepless in Beijing – Thanks, Hannes

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Gobi Forever aka Khamariin Khiid Monastery aka I´m Not Such A Fan of Sandstorms Anymore

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huntushe energy

sandstorm in my eyes