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What’s Your Name? Sorry? What? What?! Jhkghgh what?? – Ok, Call Me John

Posted in Mongolia by talikas on June 24, 2009



And then it happened. Our perfect trip in the middle of nowhere had ended and we suddenly found ourselves back in Ulanbaatar. Our eyes were still used to the emptiness, greenery, mountains, horses… But kaboom! All of a sudden we are surrounded by heavy traffic,  noise, polluted air, buildings (!!!), too many people and too much information. The only familiar thing was the condition of the roads :)

So when Juliette and I met a friend-of-a-friend, a young handsome Mongolian Huntushe (thanks Kaspar!), we were still a bit shocked about the huge contrast between the countryside and the city. Huntushe took our bags and showed us the way to a great apartment in the centre of the city. Already seeing a shower (with hot water!) and a real bed made us jump with joy. But it was difficult to enter this new reality… A moment later we were in a car with young trendy Mongolians, driving around the dark capital, flashing lights around us, and listening to Norwegian techo, and it just felt too absurd. I was happy Juliette was in the same dream as me.

The until 5 AM “Lost in Translation” private techno party in a random hotel bar with super cool and well-dressed Mongolian elite didn’t help (my dirty pants were still smelling like camel sweat)…


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  1. Kerly said, on July 5, 2009 at 8:07 am

    Ulanbaatar on muideks kõige külmem pealinn terves maailmas. (Keskmkine temperatuur on seal koguni -1,3 C)

    Arvasin, et Sa oled kodus, kihk oli eile helistada. Laulupidu ja värki….

    Tervitused Kadriorust.

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