Wicked Winterfrost

Sand In My Mouth

Posted in Mongolia by talikas on June 18, 2009



After hours of bumpy riding we arrived to the Ihk Bogd Uul mountains where Juliette and I decided to check out our “mountain goat genes” and climbed one of the closest summits. However, the climb was so steep that even goats took the other way, but somehow we still made it to the top and got an amazing view on the (dry) Orog Nuur lake and empty Central Mongolia. Juliette is the Queen of the Mountain on the first pic, and on the second one, in the down left side you can see our bus and tents waiting for us.

Roy, our travelling companion, wanted to catch the snow capped peak, and went out for a longer hike. He decided to stay the night in the mountains and came back to the base camp the next morning. While he was running away from wolves, trying to survive the hike with 1 liter of water and getting lost in Gobi, we were first enjoying the special yak yoghurt facemask and later at night tried to not fly away with our tent, as the whole area was hit by a heavy sandstorm.

Sandstorms can be extremely unpleasant: strong wind with loads of dust and sand so fine that in the morning even despite sleeping in a tent and closing all zippers we could find sand even in our underwear. Of course, it is not easy to sleep when the wind is so strong that if the tent is not flying away, it is almost like a pancake smashed to the ground. But since it was the first sandstorm in my life, I was childishly excited about the whole thing, and didn’t mind the few sleeping hours and dust in my mouth the next morning.