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Privet, Irkutsk!

Posted in Russia, Trans-Siberian by talikas on June 4, 2009


Irkutsk is a nice colorful Russian city with orthodox churches, Soviet buildings, young schoolchildren guarding the Eternal Fire and crazy traffic. We Couchsurfed in the appartment of a young Russian family – Katja, Misha, Ira – and had a great time. We also met a local Estonian Mirjam who showed us around and introduced us to the wonders of Russian culture.

But as the Lake Baikal is only 70 km away,  it is quite hard to stay put in the city, so we  quickly  decided to go hiking in the mountains in the south-western part of Baikal, and  Misha gladly joined us.

me trying to hitchhike a boat on Angara River