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Packing My Bag, Ready To Go (Not)

Posted in Estonia, Trans-Siberian by talikas on May 26, 2009

packing my things

Hurray! Travel preparations have been rather successful. I have all my visas (Russia, Mongolian, Chinese) and Juliette started her journey Brussels-Riga-Tallinn today! I’m slowly getting my stuff together (thanks, Meelis, for the trousers) and trying to turbo-read some books about Mongolia. On the photo you can see the draft version of my backpack… Still missing a few things.

I’m advised to take along salt and pepper, as it is scarce in the rural areas of Mongolia, and a head-lamp for moving around  nighttime because in cities (in the very few cities Mongolia has) the streetlights are more of an exception than a rule. Picking out clothes for the trip is also tricky, because temperature in Mongolia can be +24 C at daytime and +4 C at night. Plus, it was snowing today in Irkutsk (despite the +30 C on the day before), so I guess I need to be prepared for every kind of weather.

And, yes, I have travel fever : )