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Here They Go, Here They Go Again

Posted in Estonia, Trans-Siberian by talikas on May 6, 2009


“Travel while you can”, said my very wise grandmother quietly (so that grandfather wouldn’t hear) and poured me some more tea. “Ahh, you are late for marriage already… and what about work…?”, moaned my serious grandfather on the sofa, at the same time trying very hard to forget that he just told me a story where he almost moved to Bangladesh for two years. I tried to hide my smile and replied “Oh, no need to worry, it is only for a month…”


In the end of May beautiful Juliette and I are packing our bags and beginning an exciting adventure on the route Tallinn-Beijing, and, yes, of course, by train. Moscow, Trans-Siberian railway, Russian-train-“romance”, Irkutsk, lake Baikal, Mongolian deserts, Chinese dumplings, here we come!