Wicked Winterfrost

Les Russes et Les Fous – UPDATED!

Posted in France: Paris by talikas on January 11, 2009


* * *

It was so cold in Paris that for the first time over many many many years the St Martin Canal was covered with ice and the French people, all dressed up in immensely trendy gloves, scarfs, hats and other garments, were gathering on the banks of the canal to discuss whether it is safe to walk on that (2 cm) ice or not. Theories about physics, financial crises and Sarcozy were thoroughly examined.

Suddenly a brave young man appeared (probably a foreigner, because he was wearing a strange Russian furry hat), and awkwardly, using acrobatic moves, tried to haul himself down the edge of the sidewalk and break the ice by smashing it with his feet. Obviously, the ever-so-thick frozen water started cracking and the man almost fell through the ice. But within seconds, he successfully heaved himself up, and despite the slightly wet feet, had his face glowing with sheer happiness and satisfaction because, he, after all, was the one who touched the ice.

So French.

* * *

To my great surprise, this morning i recieved a reply.

(To read with cute French accent.)

from The Man With The Furry Hat   1:46 am (9 hours ago) 
to talikas.wordpress.com
date Jan 12, 2009 1:46 AM
subject Re: Les Russes et Les Fous
I humbly have to give a slightly different point of vue on that story.
Because the story goes on.
As i am that foreigner, that young man who stepped on the rim between known and unknown, i need to say what happened truely at that moment. I have to say what changed for the world, and will never be the same ever after.
Because as people spoke, and gathered to determine wether walking on the ice was possible or not, not only did i go down to the most dangerous place on earth (by earth i mean the very trendiest place of the canal, trendiest place of paris, trendiest place of france, trendiest place on earth).
Not only did i go down to the ice, linked to the rest of the world only by my two hands, kids yelling, affraid of what was coming up.
Not only did i step on the ice, and crushed it, death already rising her hand to grab my legs from beneath the freezing water.
Not only did i come back, alive, amongst the tears and shouts of the poor kids for whom the tension was far too high…

But i went back.

I went back, down on the ice.

And I stood on it, and i raised my arms, and shouted my victory, our victory

Yes I did. Yes i could.

Yes, we can

The one

* * *


4 Responses

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  1. isa said, on January 12, 2009 at 5:20 am

    jää paksus Peipsil on 15 – 26 cm, jääle minek lubatud kuni 4 km kaldast.
    vajalik eelev registreerimine kordonis, sest üsna kalda äärest jookseb jäälõhe.

    Prantslasi registreerunud pole, seni.

  2. Limonchita said, on January 12, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    Laurent, weee:) tervita teda reply`s

  3. maria said, on January 13, 2009 at 3:37 pm

    Laurent oskab nüüd teha rohkem pantomiime kui kunagi varem. Ja unistab Eesti saunast ja jääaugust…

  4. Limonchita said, on January 13, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    meenub, et seal kanuumatka majakeses sai saun küll nii kuumaks köetud, et magada võimatu…midagi jääaugulaadset oli ka

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